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Hello Friends,
We welcome you to this another informative webinar on “Divorce under HMA & its Practical Aspect” with a very pragmatic and novel approach. We all know the number of cases of matrimonial discord are rising due to various factors and such matrimonial litigation becomes a very bread-earning source of many young advocates, and for those students who may join litigation in near future. These cases also teach the beginners to understand the practical details of a civil trial.

As per the demands of many viewers and attendees, we have decided to provide the intricacies of matrimonial client counselling, extraction of facts, developing & drafting of a case, filing and its trial part.

We will provide all the basic details alongwith practical activity to explain the covered details in lively manner for better understanding within the constraints of time. We certainly hope that you will be benefited out of this webinar and utilize the information in the practical way as will be suggested by us in the webinar.

Good luck & See you at the event!