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In this E-Symposium, we the team of Praco Learn, will be discussing and providing an insight on various layers of a criminal trial and prosecution. We have chosen the said topic to compliment theories of criminal trial with practical aspect so that the concerned legal minds, right after achieving the degree and Certificate of Practice, will be able to understand the entire process of criminal trial in practice and as professionals, it is important for them to know that.
Here, we will discuss the relevant sections and some important case laws regarding the trial and explain each layer or we can say each stage of the trial and its importance in a criminal case.

In this symposium, the legal minds will have ample of opportunities to interact and raise their concerned queries related to the said topic and have the solution or reply from the experts. And to all successful attendees, E-Certificate of Attendance will also be issued. So register yourself as early as possible before the deadline as there is Limited Availability of seats!