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Law in India is one of the most lucrative career options given the variety of jobs it offers, it is one such professional field that has the widest ambit and scope. Due to the changing social and economic circumstances and the ever-increasing regulatory role being undertaken by the government there is a rising demand for Law professionals.
But the changing dynamics of law have made this profession quite challenging. These challenges are being encountered by the students/professionals by way of practical and real life problems of clients, how to convert them into business, how to meet the ends and formulate it into a draft, contract, argument, etc., and lead your case. At times it is also experienced that law which is in theory and which is in practice are the two different ends of the legal world, but not to mention they are two sides of a coin.
In order to meet the practical challenges, practical learning at condensed form and gaining through the experiences of professionals, is a must for every aspirant. She/he will be enriched with possible practical and real-life solutions to those problems and challenges. Also, it is right to say here that one can sail perfectly if one has the passion to work religiously. Thus, this webinar is focused on the very scope & ambit of Law and the challenges being faced in this profession alongwith the practical solutions.

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