Final Year/Last Semester Plan

This program is especially for those candidates who are on the verge of getting their respective law degrees and are in their final year of their law course. This is that stage of one’s life when a candidate has to ignite his/her energy in carving his/her professional life. This is also the time in one’s life when one has the pressure of getting professionally fit in the society.

This plan is devised in such a way that a candidate will be able to start practice/counselling/consultancy/ etc.. in any metro-city or any other city, as it encapsulate those subjects which has been the major bread earning/business generation source from the day one.

The subjects chosen to be taught in this plan is a thoughtful and deliberate effort to give the best and instant capsule for an instant start to the candidate. It is categorized in various mode/ layers which provides a wide range of practical information for different situations of the case so that the students/ professionals must get awareness of the maximum situations and also get aware about how to tackle/deal with situation, and must know the best possible way to represent the client in real situation after becoming professional.

The plan has been devised with a club of various categories of law which enables the student to lead the cases independently right after getting enrolled in Bar and approval after clearing the All India Bar Examination (A.I.B.E.) test. The plan will lead all aspects of practical application and it will aware the candidates to think and act not as a student but as a professional. It may also reduce the struggle period of the newly enrolled professionals and thus will help them to become financially sound and more independent in comparison to other new professionals in the same area of work.

It includes:
a) Research
b) Paralegal & Documentation
c) Case study with hypothetical situation/dispute
d) Dummy counselling session & brief noting
e) Preparation of cases
f) Core Litigation (Civil & Criminal)
g) Constitution + NGT Litigation
h) Consumer Litigation + Cheque Dishonour (S.138, NIA)
i) Family Laws

Note: this plan can also be availed by all those candidates who are fresher, graduates or have to start professional life, or want to boost their career.