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For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.

- Aristotle


- John Steinbeck


The Founding Partners have realized that during their law studies and even after getting Law degrees maximum students do not have the practical knowledge of law which in turn create a hard time for them in practice in various fields of law.

The firm has motto to serve the society apart from providing excellent legal services to the client and also train the upcoming lawyers who are still law student and on verge of becoming Advocates. The firm is committed to train the students with practical implications of law and procedure which are used in daily routine in Court of law and in other fields of law.


The PRACO LEARN will create and boost students for becoming a professional, right after getting degree as this program will holistically cover all practical aspects of law which are quite necessary in professional world. In the era of cut throat competition in every field, a student requires a holistic approach of getting polished in legal field also but only theory portion which is being taught in law schools will not make him/her a complete professional to fully stand professionally in various fields of law. A complete professional is the one who has the knowledge of both theory and practical aspects of law as this program is like a “bridge” for them right from their first year onwards of law course.

“One friend, one person who is truly understanding, who takes the trouble to listen to us as we consider a problem, can change our whole outlook on the world.”

- E.H. Mayo

We at Praco Learn are making our ways whole-heartedly to become friends of students in their endeavor of becoming a right professional. We at Praco Learn are finding echoes of students in ourselves as we also have faced such same problems in law schools while pursuing our law courses.

Courses Plan

Praco-learn, as of now, is providing an option of three plans for its course-curriculum. It is at the option of the party to choose either or all of these plans. The plans are as follows:

Semester /Year-wise Plan
  • Praco learn will co-ordinate with the respective University and colleges, and will draft a practical curriculum on the basis of University and colleges syllabus.

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Subject-wise Brief Package Plan
  • At Pracolearn, we have devised a very lucrative and career oriented practicals. Plan for law students/fresher/ practitioners/ professtionals to boost their practicals knowledge in specific areas of law.
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Final Year/Last Semester Plan
  • This plan is excclusively for those students who are on the verge of entering the practice or have to start their professional lives.

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